Helping you turn your house into your dream home. 

What We Offer

Construction done right

Maxwell Homes has a long history in the construction industry and has helped numerous clients with new homes and renovations.. By updating and remodeling outdated rooms, we've breathed new life into badly-needed areas. Our renovation projects are done with the customer in mind, as we strive to meet the needs and wants of all of our valued clients. With an eye for tasteful design, Maxwell Homes can make even the oldest rooms and houses in Hood County look brand new. 

Total Home Makeovers

After years of successful projects, Maxwell Homes is available to embark on your own full-scale renovation project that may span the entire home. We have the ability to take on large projects without losing the personal touch and one-on-one service that we've become known for across Hood County. We handle each transformation with the utmost care -- because we believe that's the only way to do business. 

Proof is in the photos

When it comes to proving ourselves to potential clients, we prefer to show, not tell. The photo slideshow below details three major renovation projects that Maxwell Homes has led, from a full face-lift to large-scale interior renovation. Each "before" photo is followed by an "after" photo. We invite you to take a look at the pictures and see the wonders that a renovation with Maxwell Homes can do for an outdated house. 


House 1

House 2

House 3