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Why should I use Maxwell Homes for my renovation project?

Maxwell Homes is the premier home renovation service in the Hood County area. With decades of experience in construction and renovation and a heritage that stretches back over a century, Godwin Maxwell Thomas and his team put the utmost care in every project. Feel free to look around our site and check out the homeowners that Maxwell Homes has already served. 

At Maxwell Homes, we pride ourselves on not just being "another guy with a hammer." We believe in using only the best building practices and designs, because that's what our customers deserve. Little touches, such as stamped concrete porches and hand-crafted cabinets with slow-close doors, can turn a standard, lifeless house into a beautiful home made just for you. 

What qualities and practices set Maxwell Homes apart from its competitors? 

Where does Maxwell Homes do business? 

As of now, Maxwell Homes is focusing on large-scale renovation projects in Hood County, Texas. 

Is there a standard cost for a renovation with Maxwell Homes?

Each renovation project comes with a unique set of circumstances. No two homes are alike, and the team at Maxwell Homes takes the needs and wants of the individual homeowner into account when starting a project. Because of this, we cannot provide a generalized cost for a renovation project. However, if you get in touch with us by calling 817-326-2696, by emailing godwin@maxwellhomes.net, or by filling out the submission form on our website, we can start the process of finding the cost of your dream renovation. 

Maxwell Homes is located at 2729 Fall Creek Highway, Granbury, TX, 76049. Our office hours are by appointment only and can be made by calling 817-326-2696. 

Where are the offices of Maxwell Homes located?